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 Check the bottom mirror JT-CD200

一、 Product introduction
JT-CD200 is the Beijing jingtaiheng security equipment company launched a very popular vehicle safety inspection mirror, 30CM large square convex mirror, high power bright white LED lights, rechargeable battery. Economic portable, simple and clear, with three support activities to promote wheels, light pole, large moving range, suitable for different angles of space, is a widely applied to check the bottom car, table, bench etc whether there is abnormal screening tool.
二、Product specifications
Mirror: square 30*30 cm acrylic high strength anti broken mirror, convex 2 times magnification effect, is the ordinary 1 / 2 weight the same size glass mirror, has certain toughness, and not easily broken, safe and durable, brightness and glass mirror is. Hard rubber base and surrounding, can effectively prevent the collision and brings to the mirror damage. The minimum height can be detected: 10CM
Grip:T type telescopic rod, can maximize the deep into the vehicle and goods are detection. Using high quality aluminum structure and has high strength, lightweight, strong, beautiful. The surface of the dustless workshop roasted outdoor paint treatment, long-term use does not fade, no smell, harmless to the human body. Cotton with a black foam grip, grip good, suitable for long time operation.
The light source:Fluorescent lamp or a high-power white LED lamp. Fluorescent light source with a natural, gentle characteristic, high power LED light can see more clearly reflected on the surface of hidden objects.
Power Supply:The built-in lithium, economic, convenient, practical. With the packaging with standard power adapter.
Carry:The aluminum box packing, can be folded rod, fixed good people will ask a way.
三、Method of use
The model designed for a long time to check your homework car design, tables, chairs, cars and other objects need to bend down to search. Click the search conditions, if the power switch, the light of the circumstances please open the mirror at the bottom of the light source, so as to avoid the search for additional object omissions
四、Packing list
  1、Convex mirror
  3、Small tubes
  4、T shape tube
五、Product service commitment
Beijing "Beijing Tai Hang" security equipment company solemn promise:
The company production of security doors, X - ray security detector, hand-held metal detector, vehicle safety inspection mirror, security door, temperature or temperature detection door products have passed ISO9001 certification and the European CE certification, so that those in the metal detector and vehicle inspection mirror and security door products factory buy enjoyed in March replacement and one year warranty services.

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