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★Access security control for vehicles at impor tant location: airpor ts, government buildings,
   prisons, bank depot, militar y zones, seaports, police office, customs, border control, car park
   entrance checkpoint to important building's Toll station checkpoints, Checkpoints for entering
   and exiting vehicles attending conferences.
★UVSS is for anti-terrorism purpose
Mobile Under Vehicle Imaging Component
1. Sensor: line scan CCD
2. Resolution: 2048
3. Light Source: LED
4. Under Vehicle Image Data Transmission
    Interface: 100/1000M Ethernet
5. Dimensions: 550mm x 360mm x 85mm
6. Operating Temperature Range: -10 degree
    to +60 degree
7. Power Supply: 12VDC, 6A
8. Environmental Protection Level: IP66
Power and Scene Video Server VSPVS100
1. Scene Video Input: 2 channels
2. Scene Video Resolution: CIF or 4CIF
3. Data Interface: 100M Ethernet
4. Power Supply: 220VAC, 150W
 Vehicle security control at the entrance
 To see whats hidden under the vehicle
 Auto digital line scan, high-resolution undercarriage imaging.
 High automation, easy to be used.
 Applicable to variety of vehicles, wide vision.
 Test will be completed during the vehicle maneuvers without stopping, adapted to different speed.
 Undercarriage image can be stored, retrieved, searched or compared with other images.
 A variety of image processing methods: enlarge, stretching and cutting.
 Multi entrance management model, management, and statistics of entering and exiting vehicles.
 Flexible detection process can be made on site to satisfy the needs of various work conditions.
 Option of automatic number plate recognition system available, associative storage of various vehicle
    information and undercarriage images.
 Image monitoring, video recording for different scenario.


Advantage of UVSS:

 No need to park vehicle, can bear speed below 30km/h

 Whole image display ion monitor

 Operator can zoom and save image


Main Technical Indexes:

 Embedded Under Vehicle Imaging Equipment VSUVI2000II

1. Camera: Sensor: line scans CCD, Resolution: 2048, Power Supply: 12VDC, 2.5A

2. Illumination: LED, Power Supply: 12VDC, 40W

3. Size: 1100mm x 300mm

4. Operating Temperature Range: -40 degree to +70 degree

 Intelligent IO Control Unit VSIO1616

1. Input: Scale: 16 channel input, Isolation: photoelectric isolation, Isolation voltage: 5000Vr.m.s

2. Output: Scale: 16 channel output, Isolation: relay isolation, Output Model: make-and-break or 12VDC can be set

3. Communication Port: RS422, RS232

4. Operating Temperature Range: -10 degree to +55 degree

 Controller VSUVC 400

1. Input: 2 channel induction coil (can optional extend to 3 channel)

2. Output: 1 channel switch type 12VDC

3. Communication Port: RS422, RS232, Ethernet (Optional)

4. Operating Temperature Range: -10 degree to +55 degree

 System Host VSM100

1. CPU: Intel Centurion Duo or higher, Memory: 2G, Hard Disk: 500G

2. Display: 22” LCD, can choose a vice display to show the image independently (optional)

3. Scene Video Record: 4 channel, Compression algorithm of scene video: H264


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