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MD-S1 hand-held metal detector
MD-S1 high-performance handheld detectors, can be effectively used to detect dangerous human hidden, airport security, wharf, and parcels, letters metal items, and any hidden metal.
 The 360 DEG omnibearing detection, can accurately detect the target position, and can help the inspector largely determine the object hidden in the clothes of the shape and the size of the.
 The small volume, light weight, feel is good, one handed operation is convenient and flexible, personal checks.
 The sound and light alarm, optional Headset requirements, can be used in mute or noisy environment.
 According to the different alarm tone metal object size, sensitivity and detection range can be adjusted.
 That if the detection area of metal objects, or dangerous goods, in the process of scanning probe, the red light will frequently flashing, continuous alarm.
 MD-S1 With sound and vibration alarm function.
Detection distance:
Pin:2---3cm;  A razor blade:5---10cm;  38 caliber handgun: 10---15cm;
Mobile phone battery:15---25cm;
Use the parameters:
Power Supply:The 9 volt battery or rechargeable battery  Power:270mW
The working frequency:22KHz   The general current:<50mA
Work environment:-5Cto+55C       Net weight:409g
The measure of area:41(L)×8.5(W)×4.5(H)cm

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