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The bottom peep mirror JT-CD300
No video life detector also known as food search instrument without the video function 360 °, life search apparatus, security, anti-terrorism searching instrument
一、 Product introduction
   JT-SM300 is Beijing "Beijing Tai Hang" security equipment the latest research and development of a video recording function life detector, the camera with the telescopic hose structure 360O curly, can be adjusted at any angle 3.6mm wide-angle lens, easy to carry. The multifunctional media player 4.3 inch LCD display and DVR, not only can carry out real-time search and rescue and inspection, but also to record check images, in order to view. Is a widely used visual search tool life security, anti-terrorism, after the earthquake. Camera with infrared light, can be used in the dark or night use, portable telescopic tube, single hand operation inspection car, table, bench height, bottom or containers and other special occasions whether there are abnormal height.
二、Product features
  1、HD video display, check the picture is clear and intuitive. And video of the examination results. At any time convenient through inspection record.
 2、Small superconducting 360o flexible hose, 120o super wide range of wide-angle lens. Let the visual search without dead angle.
  3、Lan Baoshi camera lens, stainless steel shell camera, and built-in 12VLED camera flash. Let this instrument can easily adapt to the dark, gaps in complex environment.
  4、The high-grade aluminum box packaging, more conducive to product stored in the maintenance.

二、 Technical parameters of the product
  Waterproof camera      
.D CMOS chip
  6、Lens visual angle: 120 degrees
  7、The camera can adjust the angle: arbitrary angle
  8、Camera: 12VLED light source
  9、Camera waterproof grade: IP68

  10、Total: 3.2 meters long
  11、Operating temperature: -10 ℃ -50 ℃
 Liquid crystal display
  1、Screen size: 4.3 inch 16:9
  2、Power supply: DC:12V
 Packaging: high hardness aluminum alloy suitcase
Power supply: high capacity rechargeable battery

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