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Check the bottom mirror JT-CD100

Check the bottom mirror is also called the vehicle safety inspection mirror, car body inspection mirror, vehicle inspection equipment, vehicle security inspection equipment.
一、Product introduction   

 Check the bottom mirror is suitable for use in the home, auto repair factory, school, checkpoints, customs and border protection etc.. MCD-V3 portable, simple and clear, with three eat movable wheels, push the light, is applied to inspect the car, tables, stools, whether there is abnormal screening tool. The following is the product of MCD-V3 vehicle inspection mirror introduction:

二、Product description
  1、Mirror: diameter 30CM convex, convex 2 times magnification effect, strong toughness, not easy to be broken, safe and durable. Encircling the bottom hard rubber, can effectively prevent the collision and brings to the mirror damage.

  2、The minimum height can be detected: 10cm
  3、Grip: the telescopic pull rod, to the maximum extent into the vehicle and goods to be detected at the bottom, double spring, double insurance positioning ring plastic, made of high quality aluminum structure, lightweight, strong, beautiful. The surface of the dustless workshop roasted outdoor paint treatment, long-term use does not fade, no smell. Cotton with a black foam grip, grip feeling good.
  4、Source: fluorescent lamp and LED light optional. Fluorescent light source with a natural, gentle characteristic; the LED lamp has the long life, high brightness waterproof, characteristics of detachable as working lamp etc.. Customers can choose a suitable light source according to the characteristics of their own.
  5、Easy to carry: our products can be folded rod, fixed good people will ask a way. Can be equipped with easy to carry bag, can be dismantled when not in use and collection.
  6、Environmental friendly: material conforms to the ROHS standard, suitable for export to other countries.
三、Technical parameters 

1、Mirror size: 30CM diameter mirror
2、Rod length: 120-140CM
3、Supplementary light source: 9 light LED flashlight
4、Net weight: 1.6KG gross weight: 2.42KG
5、Packing size: 86*29*33CM (4 / box, 8.5KG/ box)
四、Scope of application
  Check the bottom mirror economic portable, simple and clear, with three support activities to promote the wheels, light, used to check the bottom car \ \ stool, table whether there are abnormal, security tool.

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