Lishen Battery Factory of Tianjin

Jinya Electron Co., Ltd of Tianjin

Tianjin Sanyo Energy Co., Ltd

Meitong Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd in Tianjin

Hongda Metal Products Co., Ltd of Tianjin

People’s Court of Zhuang River City in Liaoning Province

Biology and Chemistry Co., Ltd of Ji’an in Jilin Province

Jiahe Yichuang Electron Co., Ltd in Lanzhou

Rolling Stone Disco in Gourd Island City of Liaoning Province

Ningjin Tianyu Electronic Equipment Company in Hebei Province

Magnet County Court in Handan of Hebei Province

NO.1 Entertainment Square in Anyang of Henan Province

3302 Factory of Chinese Liberation Army

New Earth-and-sky Rocking Entertainment Square in Laiwu of Shandong

Safety-testing Department of West River Coal Mine in Zichuan District of Zibo In Shandong Province

Fuhua Metal Co., Ltd in Zibo of Shandong Province

Cao County Tobacco Corporation in Heze of Shandong Province

Cinderella Crazy Dancing Club in Rizhao of Shandong Province

Sanhe Electron Co., Ltd of Yantai in Shandong

Qingdao Panasonic Devices Co., Ltd in Shandong

Security Guards Service Company in Weihai of Shandong

Yifeiya Electron Co., Ltd of Beijing

Dragon Spring Cabaret of Beijing

Beijing Comlight Technology and Trade Co., Ltd

Beijing zhong lian Copper Industry Co., Ltd

Beijing Light-torch Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd

Beijing Zhongticai Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd

Beijing Bote Electron Co., Ltd

Beijing Military Museum

Miyun Calaboose in Beijing

Beijing Jinyu Hardware Company

Hanocmind Information Technology Co., Ltd of Shanghai

Chengdu DiAoTe Technology Co., Ltd

Huaian Electron City in Jiangsu Province

Shaoxing Calaboose in Zhejiang Province

Western Indium Industry Co., Ltd of Qinghai

Suzhou Airca Telecommunication product Co., Ltd

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