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Beijing Jingtai Hengan Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in early 2005, is a set of product design, manufacturing, sales, service as one of domestic Enterprise Inc, with high-quality R & D, management and technical personnel; relying on scientific management system of strict, complete with science and technology and detection conditions, full implementation of ISO9001 quality management system.
The company since its inception, has been focusing on production, operation "Jing Taiheng" brand metal detecting security doors, X - ray baggage screening instrument, metal detector, detector, liquid explosives drug detector, vehicle detection system, anti tank, explosion-proof blanket and other kinds of security inspection equipment. Constantly introducing advanced foreign technology, expansion and technological exchanges and cooperation with the domestic well-known Institute of technology widely, the technical background, increasingly rich, and many scientific research and technology quickly transformed into finished products. The technical level of lead has been far ahead of the domestic similar products with the industry, has been maintaining synchronization and foreign products, detection, high sensitivity, accurate positioning, auxiliary equipment check security personnel necessary.
The company regards "quality of products for life", the production process in strict accordance with the ISO9001 standard to control, and achieve the quality products export to Europe and the United states. At present is gradually realize the integration of industry chain, in order to better meet the needs of dealers and customer interests.
Company to operate in accordance with the law, honesty, steady development, as the operating principle; "customer satisfaction" as the highest standard of service quality; products to "zero" defects as the goal, as a guarantee of product quality; with integrity, responsibility to work; with the strength and quality to compete, as "Beijing Hang" the spirit of enterprise.
To provide you with the best quality products and services is our obligation.

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